What does DATAG stand for?


August 3rd, 2016


During the summer when eScholar is preparing for the annual DATAG Summer Conference I often get the question “What does DATAG stand for?”. It’s both a simple and complex question.

The simple answer is that DATAG stands for Data Analysis Technical Assistance Group.

However, the answer to the question, what does DATAG stand for, can also go a little deeper.

In the past four years of spending time with DATAG members, I can say this:

  • DATAG stands for strong leadership that guides New York districts and schools on best practices in the insightful, innovative, and ethical uses for data.
  • DATAG stands for data-informed improvements in every aspect of a child’s educational experience, from curriculum and instruction to assessments, from strategic planning to student interventions.
  • DATAG stands for every child in New York.

New York Commissioner

Ever since our first implementation of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse in upstate New York in the late 90s, eScholar has worked closely with New York educators. At the time, aggressive steps were being taken in New York State to harness the power of information to improve education for students. The twelve Regional Information Centers (RICs) announced an agreement making eScholar the standard data warehouse and data analysis solution for K-12 education throughout the state. The agreement established statewide licensing for the eScholar system and included training and implementation support.

The selection of eScholar followed the implementation of our data warehouse Version 1.0 for Niagara Falls. We have come a long way– eScholar Complete Data Warehouse Version 18 is currently being used. I’m proud to be part of the eScholar team working in New York and that eScholar stands with DATAG.

I do mean that literally and figuratively. To the left, a picture of Shawn, our Founder and CEO, standing with some of the DATAG leadership, along with New York Education Commissioner, MaryEllen Elia, and Assistant Commissioner Ira Schwartz. Congratulations to Assistant Commissioner Schwartz, who received DATAG’s DeMauro Award for promoting data driven practices.

On a lighter note, Janet and I caught the Commissioner on her way out and were able to snap a picture with her. Thank you Commissioner Elia for your inspiring words and for taking the time out to take a picture with us! Welcome back to New York and a big thanks to DATAG for another successful conference!

Commissioner MaryEllen Elia


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