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Features & Benefits

Data integration and Quality Management Tools
Leveraging the power of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse®, our personalized education platform, eScholar myTrack can integrate data from a variety of sources that historically “don’t talk to each other.” Additionally, data quality management tools ensures that you and your users can trust and rely on the data.
Early Warning System
Integrated, research-based Early Warning System that analyzes both current and historical data to identify at-risk students. The configurable System analyzes a wide variety of data, including attendance, behavior, and course performance. eScholar myTrack allows administrators and educators to identify schools, classes, and individual students that are most at-risk and understand why.
Data Dashboards
eScholar myTrack visualizes data in engaging dashboards. Rather than requiring users to run different reports to find answers to their questions, myTrack presents the data in dashboards to create a visually engaging education platform for educators to use in the classroom.
Longitudinal Student Profiles
eScholar myTrack displays a comprehensive profile for each individual student, offering users a single location to view a comprehensive picture on a student. The information in the student profile includes current year and longitudinal assessment, attendance, enrollment and course performance data.
Data is not limited to quantitative information. In eScholar myTrack, users can write notes about their students and, if they choose to, share them with other educators who teach that student. Notes can be used in cases such as writing meeting minutes regarding a student’s Response to Intervention plan, or for anecdotal information.
Users can create their own student groups in this personalized education platform and share them with other users. Create a group of any of your students: track your student athletes to make sure they maintain their GPAs and attendance, or group students based on common areas of improvement and set goals for them.
Using insight in eScholar myTrack, take direct action by setting goals for students and assigning specific strategies (i.e. interventions) and progress log tools to ensure they meet their goals. Users can monitor progress directly in myTrack and administrators can see how different strategies are being used.