Features & Benefits

Traditional, On-site Customized Training
eScholar U offers customized training to eScholar’s clients.  eScholar staff ensure that eScholar U training reflects the most up to date versions of our software products.  Training can be customized for the skill and knowledge level of a client, as well as the implementation specifics of each client, which results in training that is relevant and timely.
Targeted Virtual Training
eScholar U offers multiple delivery options for training to meet specific client needs.  This results in cost effective and time efficient training that is tailored to each client.   Specifically, eScholar U Online, our learning management system, provides anytime, anywhere training resulting in cost and time efficiencies.  eScholar U training curriculum provides software simulations for both online and in-person training, which helps customers quickly understand specific capabilities.
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Train the Trainer Model
All training by eScholar U staff can be delivered using the train-the-trainer model, which insures that training can be locally controlled and customized.
Job-embedded Coaching and Support
eScholar U staff have extensive knowledge of the education landscape/ecosystem, as well as classroom experience, which insures that training developed and delivered by eScholar U staff addresses the real-world problems and issues that our clients encounter.

eScholar U Online

eScholar U Online is a comprehensive, web-based learning management solution that can deliver and track all learning engagements.  It includes computer-based training modules, virtual sessions and live, instructor-led sessions, as well as online assessments of knowledge retention.