Client Spotlight: Nebraska Department of Education, Data Conference & Fun Facts


April 11th, 2014

In my role as an Account Manager for eScholar, one of my primary goals is to always support my customers in as many ways as possible. One of the many ways that I support them is to attend individual state’s annual data conferences. State data conferences bring together the appropriate people from the school districts to update them on new data collections, changes in established collections, new data initiatives taking place in the state, data policy issues – both state and federal, and great opportunities for networking and collaboration between colleagues. For me, and others like me, who love to talk about data, it’s a good time! (Let the data geek comments commence… 🙂 )

Next week, I will be attending the Nebraska State Data Conference in Kearney, Nebraska for two days of data conversations and networking.  I will be focused on figuring out the best ways to support the data needs and understand the data challenges that Nebraska will be facing and engaging in over the upcoming year. I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues in the state.  While we do most of our work remotely out of necessity, there is no replacement for participating in meetings and discussions in person.  I am also hoping for the opportunity to indulge in an Omaha steak, or two!


So, speaking of data, here are some interesting, Nebraska-specific, data facts you may not know:

  1.  The state of Nebraska has over 307,000 public elementary and secondary school students in grades PK-12 served by  over 1000 public schools across the state.
  2. The largest school district in Nebraska serves 51,000 students, while the smallest serves just 76.
  3. Kearney, Nebraska is located exactly halfway between Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA.
  4. At nearly 23,000 miles, there are more miles of river in Nebraska than any other state.
  5. The University of Nebraska football stadium, in Lincoln, holds about 92,000 fans, making it the third largest city in Nebraska on Football Saturdays.
  6. The 911 system of emergency communications, now used nationwide, was developed and first used in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  7. Hastings, Nebraska is the home of not only Kool Aid, but the original source of School Bus Yellow that permeates the country still today.
  8. Nebraska is the only state in the union with a unicameral (one house) legislature.


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