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Features & Benefits

Data integration and Quality Management Tools
Leveraging the power of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse®, eScholar myTrack can integrate data from a variety of sources that historically “don’t talk to each other.” Additionally, data quality management tools ensures that you and your users can trust and rely on the data.
Early Warning System
Integrated, research-based Early Warning System that analyzes both current and historical data to identify at-risk students. The configurable System analyzes a wide variety of data, including attendance, behavior, and course performance. eScholar myTrack allows administrators and educators to identify schools, classes, and individual students that are most at-risk and understand why.
Data Dashboards
eScholar myTrack visualizes data in engaging dashboards. Rather than requiring users to run different reports to find answers to their questions, myTrack presents the data in dashboards.
Longitudinal Student Profiles
eScholar myTrack displays a comprehensive profile for each individual student, offering users a single location to view a comprehensive picture on a student. The information in the student profile includes current year and longitudinal assessment, attendance, enrollment and course performance data.
Data is not limited to quantitative information. In eScholar myTrack, users can write notes about their students and, if they choose to, share them with other educators who teach that student. Notes can be used in cases such as writing meeting minutes regarding a student’s Response to Intervention plan, or for anecdotal information.
Users can create their own student groups in eScholar myTrack and share them with other users. Create a group of any of your students: track your student athletes to make sure they maintain their GPAs and attendance, or group students based on common areas of improvement and set goals for them.
Using insight in eScholar myTrack, take direct action by setting goals for students and assigning specific strategies (i.e. interventions) and progress log tools to ensure they meet their goals. Users can monitor progress directly in myTrack and administrators can see how different strategies are being used.


Bobby is your typical student with a lot of things he wants to accomplish. He wants to score in his next soccer game. He wants to get an A on his Math test. He wants to read 5 books this month. But how does Bobby set these goals? How do we help him achieve them? Students have a group of supporters such as teachers, principals, counselors, and parents. But how do they all collaborate with each other? How does the student communicate with them and how do they manage the goals and progress of not just one student but perhaps twenty, thirty and even hundreds of students. All students including Bobby have their own individual goals. Let’s provide them with their own personalized paths to success. It’s time for education to get personal. At eScholar, we know that data is essential to personalized education. And when we say data, we don’t just mean student assessment scores. We mean everything: attendance, discipline, course, teacher, interventions, and more. How can we use all this data easily? How can we use it to help students?

Introducing, eScholar myTrack. myTrack leverages all kinds of education data in order to personalize education for every individual student. With myTrack, learners have their own individual goals. And they get recommended strategies on how to achieve them. myTrack is there every step of the way to guide students to their goals. As students get older and progress to their goals or new goals develop, mytrack is there to help them accomplish these goals. It’s easy for everyone to be engaged in a student’s goal with eScholar myTrack. Parents, log into myTrack to check on your children’s progress towards their goals. Educators, use myTrack to monitor student progress and get recommended strategies to help them be successful. And students, get directly engaged in your own education so you can accomplish your goals and understand the path you need to take to get from here to there. myTrack provides everyone with an easy way to collaborate and increase engagement. So regardless of the goals that Bobby wants to accomplish now or in the future, myTrack is there every step of the way. eScholar has over 19 years of experience in education data and provide services and solutions to over 20 million students across the US.