eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® for PK-12

eScholar Complete Data Warehouse®

The eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® for PK-12 (CDW-PK12) is a comprehensive software product which enables state and local education agencies to gather, integrate and manage key education-related data from a wide variety of operational systems and data sources.

The eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® for PK-12 is the most widely used commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution for gathering and managing Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade educational data. eScholar CDW-PK12 is being used by State Education Agencies across the country including over 3,600 local school districts to more effectively integrate data from various data sources into a central educational data warehouse. Once loaded in to the eScholar CDW- PK12, the data forms a longitudinal history that can provide valuable insights into PK-12 student achievement as well as educational program and teacher effectiveness.

eScholar CD- PK12’s comprehensive, detailed and longitudinal structure is crucial to the analysis demanded by local and state educators who want to foster a data-driven decision-making environment and meet the reporting requirements introduced with No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

At the core of eScholar CDW-PK12 is the most complete data model in the education data warehouse market. With over 2,800 data elements, representing critical data categories from students and staff demographics to courses, assessments, programs and services, facilities, finance and others, eScholar CDW-PK12 enables education agencies to not only accelerate their time to implementation and reduce implementation risk and cost, but also dramatically improve their ability to meet state and federal reporting mandates.

eScholar CDW-PK12 incorporates data loading, data transformation, data quality and data management capabilities that are built on eScholar’s fifteen years of experience working with thousands of local and state agencies representing millions of students. The out-of-the-box data model has enabled LEA and SEA customers to map to over 90% of their required data with no customization or enhancement. In addition to these capabilities, eScholar CDW-PK12 incorporates a browser-based data submission and management facility that can be used to configure data quality rules and a myriad of other data management activities.

eScholar CDW-PK12 is compatible with both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database platforms and supports use of any ODBC-compliant reporting, OLAP or analytical software product to create both longitudinal analyses as well as reports to meet NCLB and other federal and state reporting requirements. eScholar also offers the eScholar EDEN/EDFacts Solution™ which provides a comprehensive solution to collect and review the data required for the federal EDEN/EDFacts data collection. The eScholar EDEN/EDFacts Solution™ includes functionality to generate files in the EDEN/EDFacts required format.

As part of eScholar’s complete product and services offering, eScholar CDW-PK12 is fully supported and enhanced by eScholar and integrates with eScholar Uniq-ID® products.

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