2015 VSBA Conference this week

I am excited to have another opportunity to meet with the Virginia educators next week at the VSBA Conference. We are excited about the level of interest Virginia educators have shown in the unique capabilities of eScholar myTrack®, particularly our focus on student goals, interventions and alerts. Having been chosen as one of only two…
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Security & Privacy – Protecting Student Data

One of the first things that struck me when we became involved in education data nearly 20 years ago was how educators prioritize safeguarding student data. It makes sense when you consider the focus educators place on protecting students. Since that moment, we have embraced this same set of priorities:   Protect students and their data. Use…
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2015 Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Data Summit – We’re Headed to Hershey!

  What’s better than chocolate? The 2015 PDE Data Summit!   eScholar team members will be at the 2015 Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Data Summit in Hershey, PA next week! We’re excited to catch up with our PDE friends and make new connections. As a proud sponsor of the summit this year, you can…
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eScholar and the Student Privacy Pledge

Recently, eScholar signed the Student Privacy Pledge, an initiative to increase educational technology transparency and detail ongoing education data industry practices. We’re pleased to be a signatory of this Pledge but we understand that we have to go beyond the Pledge to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. Shawn Bay founded eScholar…
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NYSCATE 2014: I’m Keynote Speaker Shawn Bay and I’d Like Your Input.

NYSCATE’s annual conference has always been about interaction and collaboration. Sure we’re a bunch of technology geeks, but technology is only useful insofar as it helps people. I’m honored and excited to be one of NYSCATE 2014’s keynote speakers. I’ll be speaking on Monday, November 24th at 2:30 p.m. in the Rochester Convention Center’s Exhibit…
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We’ll be at the 2014 NYSSBA Convention & Education Expo!

The eScholar team will be at the 2014 NYSSBA Convention & Education Expo in New York City next week! We are excited to catch up with our New York board members and to connect with our eScholar myTrack® customers. As a Merit sponsor of the convention this year, you can find us in a couple…
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Personalized Education Can Improve Attendance

In 1852, Massachusetts became the first U.S. state to make school attendance mandatory. Every child between the ages of eight and fourteen was required to go to class for at least three months out of the year. The government fined families $20 for truancy, which is approximately $622 in today’s dollars. Those Massachusetts legislators were…
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How High Can You Jump?

As many of you know, I’m the proud parent of two great kids. My daughter is a sophomore in high school, and my son is now a senior and working on his college applications. A while ago, he and I were working our way through his SAT prep book when the remarkable happened. He relaxed…
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Let’s Be Problem Solvers at SXSWedu 2015

SXSWedu is one of education’s largest gatherings with the stated purpose of “fostering innovation by hosting a diverse and energetic community.” They do a pretty good job at this, but after attending the conference these past two years, I’ve always felt like there was something missing. The majority of sessions at SXSWedu follow a standard…
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eScholar’s Perspective on The Protecting Student Privacy Act of 2014

Parents and students should have more control over how data about them and their education are used. We believe they should have this control regardless of who is managing their data on their behalf. In our experience, most school districts, state education agencies and higher education institutions take advantage of a mix of in-house and “outside parties” to run their operations, including managing data. If this is done well, it should appear seamless to the parent and student. No matter who is managing the data, all parties must be held to the same standards to provide transparency while still protecting student privacy.